Concierge Style Absentee Bidding

Most of our auctions do not feature online bidding.

We do accept absentee bids for items at all of our auctions.

To set up an absentee bid you fill out a short form for each item you wish to bid on or simply call and tell us what item you would like to bid on. You indicate the maximum bid you would like to placeĀ on the itemĀ  We then bid on the item on your behalf during the auction up to that amount. It is similar to an eBay bid, for example if you leave $100 on an item we don’t automatically start at $100, we usually start at about half of your bid and work in appropriate increments.

Often absentee bidders win items for much less than their maximum bid. This is also a great option if you’re on a budget and don’t want to get caught up in the excitement of the auction and bid more than you intended.

If you are successful you will get a phone call from us after the sale or the next day & we ask that you pay via credit card at that time and you may come pick your item up any time during our regular business hours. Absentee bids are still subject to the same 17% buyers premium and tax as a regular purchase.

We can also help arrange delivery via independent delivery services.

Call us at 281.931.0100 Mon-Fri from 8am until 4pm to place a bid or email us at