Saturday Jan. 11 9am

Important Auction of Magic Trade Craft

The unprecedented 40 year collection
of Lonnie Frankel of Frankel’s Costume
Company in Houston will be revealed
and returned to the world of Magic!

1000+ Vintage Magic Tricks, Illusions & Props!

Including but not limited to many items
by legendary inventors including:

Kanter, Homer Hudson, Supreme, Finn John, Milson-Worth, Irv Cook,Jack Gwynne, Thayer, Delux, Viking-Haenchen Mfg., Jack Hughes, Sesame, Monarch-Harry Anderson, Larry Becker, Owen’s, Chalet, Bruse Posgate, Richard Himbler, Delbin, Jerry Andrus, Roy Routh, Lester Lake, Warren Stephens & Howard Schwarzman & More!

PLUS: 2000+ Pieces of Contemporary Magic Retail Stock, Large Quantity of Theatrical Stage Make Up ( Ben Nye, Kryolan & Mehron) & Period Theatrical Wigs!

Preview Times: Thursday January 9 9am-4pm, Friday January 10 9am-4pm & 8am Auction Day!



Click for list of THEATRICAL WIGS!

Click for list of BEN NYE Makeup!

Click for list of KRYOLAN Makeup!

Click for list of MEHRON Makeup!

More Photos Coming Soon!





Auction held at :

13310 Luthe Rd Houston, TX 77039


Lot Description
1 Comedy Card Balloon Effect
2 Minature Sucker Die Box Vintage. Made of Metal w/instructions. * Ebay Documents
3 Vanishing Tube. Packaged in original cardboard box
4 What Now!. Packaged in original Manilla envelope
5 Guinea Pig Box. Natural Wood * email
7 Chinese Coin Substituion Box. Painted wood Red/Black with Blue/Black Additional Piece
8 Dragon Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Gold packaged in a cardboard box
9 Brooster the Rooster. Painted Wood Yellow/Black w/instructions. Kid Show Magic. * Ebay Documents
10 Giant Size Clever Ace Trick. Three Jumbo Cards with Instructions (1st)
11 Giant Size Clever Ace Trick. Three Jumbo Cards with Instructions (2nd)
12 My Favorite Card Trick-Bob Markwood. Jumbo Cards 12″ X 15″ w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
13 Livestock Vanish Box-Stadelman’s. Painted Wood Blue/Silver
14 Vanishing Dove/Rabbit Box. Painted Wood Black/Silver
15 One Lot of Seven (7) Vintage Tricks in Original Envelope Packaging: Tell-A-Color; Lady Vanish; Two (2) Out to Lunch; Symbologic; Flying Aces & Color Knives
16 Circus Circus (also called Pizza Oven). Painted Wood in Circus Tent Pattern
17 Vanishing Rabbit Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim
18 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood w/Black Trim
19 Vanish Dove/Rabbit Box. Painted Wood Red w/Chinese Symbols
20 Nang Poo Production Chest-Bev Taylor. Painted Wood Red/Gold
21 Die Box. Painted Wood Red/Black
22 Production Pan Vintage Small Copper
23 Balloon Pan Trick 12″ Vintage Copper
25 Double Door Vanish Die Box. Natural Wood
26 Vanish Rabbit Box. Painted Wood Blue w/Peacock Design Trim
27 Double Dove Production Box. Painted Wood w/Peacock Design Trim. * Ebay Documents
28 Break-Away Bird Vanishing Box. Painted Wood Red/Black
29 Rabbit Production Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim
30 Flower Production Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim
31 Nang Poo Cabinet w/ Dragons. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim
32 Vanishing Bird Box. Painted Wood Blue w/Silver Trim
33 Mini Guillotine. Natural Wood (Mak Magic)
34 Dragon Table. Table Top w/Dragon Support Base Painted Wood Red/Gold
35 Vanishing Dove Box. Painted Wood Red/Black w/Gold Trim
36 One (1) Lot of Very Vintage Magic Fliers
38 Slydini’s The Mystery of The Gold Pins In Original Packaging.
39 Three (3) Rocco Stampede Trick w/ One (1) Instructional Video. * Ebay Documents
40 Die Box. Natural Wood
41 Die Box. Natural Wood
42 Die Box. Natural Hardwood Sliding Box Martinka
43 Snake Surprise Box. Painted Wood in Black Crackle
44 UFC Unidentified Flying Card in Original Packaging
45 Appearing Card Box 2Pc. PW Blue w/White Lion Stencils *Invoice
46 Magic Rabbit Garage-Kanter’s. 1960 Vintage Rare (no Instructions) * Ebay Documents
47 Silk Caddy Box-Homer Hudson Vintage. Painted Wood Red/Black w/Gold Trim Paperwork Verification. * Ebay Documents
49 Humpty Dumpty. Painted Metal Black/Green Story Telling Magic
50 Silk Caddy Huge Stage Size. Painted Wood. * Ebay Documents
51 Cubber (Cub Scout)(Similar to Forgetful Freddie) Painted Wood
52 Minature Zig Zag Beer Can. Painted Wood Black w/Red/Silver Trim
53 Visible Sliding Box Proline Masterpiece Series #11 of 25 NaturalWood
54 Crystal Silk Cylinder-Elmo Vintage. 3pc Base and Two (2) Tubes. * Ebay Documents
55 Magic Rabbit Machine w/Table Top (No Stand Base)
56 Rubic Cube Solution Die Box Vintage
57 Die Box. Natural Wood w/Vinyl Carrying Case
58 Comedy Clock Die Box DLX by Supreme. Painted Wood Red w/instructions. * Ebay Documents
59 Mirror Box Vintage. Metal and Painted Wood Black w/Red/Blue Pristine Condition
60 Visible Vampire-Brock’s. Painted Wood
61 Restaurant Close Up Table: Natural Wood (Attaches to Restaurant Table for Strolling Close-up Magician
62 Production Box in Circus Wagon Style Vintage. Painted Wood Red. * Ebay Documents
64 Mandarin’s Temple-Finn John Vintage.* Ebay Documents
65 Gemini Tunnel-Gene DeVoe 1979. Painted Wood Black
66 Vampire Arm Chopper Vintage. Painted Wood
67 Neck Sword Trick. 3Pc Collar & Two (2) Swords
68 Dragon Die Box Vintage. Painted Wood Blackw/Red/Gold
69 Rabbit Wringer Mirror Box Vintage
70 Appearing Dove Box Milson Worth. Painted Wood Red w/Gold
71 Tubby The Clown-Irv Cook Vintage
72 Gemini Tunnel: Metal
73 Magic Wand Simplex Livestock Vanishing Box
74 Tear-Op Art Vanish Box-Norm Nelson Magic. Painted Wood Black w/Lavender/Blue
75 Astro Ball Cabinet Pristine Vintage. Painted Wood Black w/Red. * Ebay Documents
76 Dove Cage Production Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim
77 Die Box Jumbo Animal Production
78 In A Flash Rabbit Production Box. Painted Wood Blue w/Black Trim
79 Double Visible Block-Go. Painted Wood Grey
80 Livestock Production Cage by Supreme. Painted Wood
81 Dove Production Tray. Gold/Black
82 Dove Production Tray. Silver/Black
83 Bunny Box Stage Production. Painted Wood Red w/Black
84 Nite Club Break-Away Vanish Dove Box-Grant’s. Painted Wood Black w/Red/Yellow. * Ebay Documents
85 Flip-Over Livestock Vanish Box. Painted Wood Yellow w/Red. * Ebay Documents
86 Mirror Production Box. Painted Wood Blue w/Yellow
87 Square Circle with Lighting Bolt-Rich Hill. Elegant Deep Blue Box w/Lighting Bolt Cut Out and a Silver Metallic Tube. * Ebay Documents
88 Nite Club Break-Away Vanish Dove Box. Painted Wood Black w/Red/Yellow
89 Dove Pan 12″ Vintage Copper Large
90 Lota Bowl. Red w/Gold
91 Milk Pitcher 6″
92 Gemini Tube 14″ w/Silks
93 Mirror Box DLX-Dunn’s. Painted Wood Red
94 Un-Cola Originated by U. F. Grant. Blue/Red w/Yellow Collectible
95 Break-Away Vanish Dove Box. Blue/Copper Red
96 Sucker Rabbit Box-Jack Gwynne. Blue/Cream by Thayer
97 Die Box Vintage. Natural Wood
98 Double Door Sucker Die Box. Painted Wood Black w/Gold Trim
99 Die Box. Metal Black w/Red
100 Flip-Over Vanishing Rabbit Box. Painted Wood Red/Black/White
102 Flip-Over Dove/Rabbit Vanishing Box. Painted Wood Black w/Gold/White
103 Royal In-Outer Box (Gonzita Box). Paper Blue
104 Ultimate Square Circle-Ickle Pickle. Red w/Yellow
105 Die Box. Painted Wood Red
106 REMOVED-DAMAGED. Double Door Sucker Die Box. Painted Wood Red w/Black (Needs Repair)
107 Silk Caddy Box. Painted Wood Black w/Yellow
108 Silk Caddy Box. Painted Wood Red Dragon
109 Die Box. Painted Wood Marble Leopard Finish
110 Silk Caddy Box. Black w/White Trim
111 Dragon Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Red
112 Dragon Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Gold
113 Production Box w/Sword. Painted Wood Red/Black
114 Hippie Style Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Yellow/Blue Vintage but used. * Ebay Documents
115 Double Production Bird Box. Painted Wood Silver/Red
116 Chinese Folding Box That Vanishes-Ian Adair. Painted Wood Red/Yellow
117 Flip Over Bird/Rabbit Vanish Box. Painted Wood Red
118 Square in the Round. Red/Yellow/Black
119 Magic Arm Chopper Vintage. Natural Wood
120 Rabbit Production-Clint Riedel. Red/Black
121 Owen Brothers Rabbit/Bird Production Drawer Box by Sesame. Red/Black/Yellow *Email
122 Livestock Transportation Cage. Painted Wood Blue/White
123 Abbott’s Hippity Hop Rabbits Full set w/Instructions. Painted Wood Black/Yellow. Collectible (1st Set)
124 Abbott’s Hippity Hop Rabbits Full set w/Instructions. Painted Wood Black/Yellow. Collectible (2nd Set)
125 Hip Hop Rabbit Full Set Painted Wood Black w/Red/Yellow (No instructions)
126 Die Box Painted Wood Red Crackle Finish over Black (no instructions)(1st)
127 Die Box Painted Wood Red Crackle Finish over Black (no instructions)(2nd)
128 Die Box Painted Wood Black w/Yellow/Blue (Die Has Cross Symbols instead of Die Spots)(no instructions)
129 Die Box Painted Wood Black w/Yellow/Red KT Magic (no instructions) (1st)
130 Die Box Painted Wood Black w/Yellow/Red KT Magic (no instructions) (2nd)
131 Double Door Sucker Die Box-Joe Berg. Natural Wood w/instructions.
132 Double Door Sucker Die Box Painted Wood Red w/instructions.
133 Silk Caddy Painted Wood Black w/Red w/Dragons (no instructions)
134 Triple Hinge Production/ Vanish Box. Painted Wood Black w/Yellow/Red (no instructions)
135 Tiger Vanishing Net for Rabbit/Bird. Black/Yellow/Red (no instructions)
136 Bowl Production-Glass Bowl w/Blue Square Cover & Red Circular Drop Base (no instructions)
137 Square Circle Painted Wood Black w/Red/Green Crackle (No Instructions)
139 One (1) Lot of Five Vintage Thimble Tricks in Original Packaging w/Instructions. ($10.00 each)
140 Circus Wagon Dove Production Painted Wood Blue w/Gold w/instructions
141 Circus Wagon Dove Production Painted Wood Blue w/Gold. Needs small repair to hinge on lid. (no instructions)
142 Magic Bunny Box by Town House c.1950. Painted Wood Red w/Gold w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
143 Abbott’sVansihing Rabbit Flip Over Box Collectible. Painted Wood Red w/ Gold (No Instructions)
144 Circus Wagon Production Box-Milson/Worth Vintage Rare. Painted Wood Red w/ 3D attached scroll work in Gold. * Ebay Documents
145 Vanish Rabbit Garage 4Pc set Painted Wood Black w/Yellow (No Instructions)
146 Mirror Production Box. Painted Wood Purple w/Silver (No Instructions)
147 Dove Production Box Vintage. Painted Wood Blue w/instructions.
148 Tip Over Vanishing Bird Chest. Painted Wood Black/Silver/White (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
149 Mean Bean Machine Original Idea Clint Riedel. Laminated & Painted Wood Blue/Yellow/Red w/ Instructions. * Ebay Documents
150 Bunny Production Box Homer Hudson. Painted Wood Red/Black/Yellow (No Instructions)
151 GONE Mirror Vanishing Box. Painted Wood Red/ w/Black/Gold (No Instructions)
152 Break Away Vanishing Box. Painted Wood Red w/Grey 6Pc (No instructions)
153 Wrist Chopped Natural Wood w/Instructions. Imported German. Viking-Haenchen Mfg. Co.
154 Vanishing Box Painted Wood Black/Red/Yellow (No Instructions)
155 Torture Rack from Supreme Magic. Painted Wood Red w/Gold. Rack with Three Open Compartments & a Sword. Use Two Balloons in Upper & Lower compartment. Someone’s arm goes in the Middle compartment. Balloons pop but arm is removed unharmed after sword is inserted. (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
156 The Giant and the Dwarf Vintage Jack Hughes Original w/instructions. 5Pc Painted Wood Multicolor. * Ebay Documents
157 Silk Caddy. Painted Wood Black/Gold (No Instructions)
158 Silk Caddy. Painted Wood Black/Gold (No Instructions) (1st)
159 Silk Caddy. Painted Wood Black/Gold (No Instructions) (2nd) *Ebay
160 Miracle Silk Box. Painted Wood Black/Red/White (No Instructions)
161 Miracle Peacock Routine Vintage 8Pc Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions)
162 Dove Switch Box by Supreme. Painted Wood Blue/Gold w/Instructions
163 Flip Over Rabbit Wringer Box. Painted Wood Black w/Instructions
164 Triple Hinge Production Box. Painted Wood Black w/Yellow/Red (no instructions)
165 Abbott’s Surrounded Livestock Vanish Box. Two Tone Natural Wood Finish w/Instructions.
166 Vintage Roses R by Zanadu in Original Packaging w/Instructions.
167 Ghost Cabinet by G & L. Painted Wood Black/Red/Gold w/Instructions.
168 Doves to Rabbit-Johnny Brown’s. Painted Wood Red/Gold/Blue w/Instructions
169 Silk Production Box. Painted Wood Blue/Red/Black (No Instructions)
170 Square Circle Painted Metal Mulicolor (No Instructions)
171 Double Door Sucker Die Box. Red Lacquered Wood (No Instructions)
172 Rabbit Wringer Production Box Vintage. Painted Wood Black/Gold (No Instructions)
173 Wrist Chopped Painted Wood Red/Black/Yellow (No Instructions)
174 Fool Proof Rabbit Production Box w/Instructions. Painted Wood w/Metal Carrot Plaques
175 Break Down Vanish Box DLX by Supreme. Painted Wood Red/Silver w/Instructions.
176 Hold That Tiger! Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions
177 Wooden Coin Instant Vanish/Production Stand. Painted Wood Red/Gold/Black (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
178 Hot Dog Sauage Gun Clown Prop by Abracadabra that fires spring sausages. Purple/Black w/Instructions
179 Triple Hinge Fall Apart Box. Painted Wood Red/Blue w/Instructions.
180 Funny Rabbit. Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions.
181 Super Drawer Box Vintage w/Instructions. Painted Wood Red w/ Multicolor Metallic Circles
182 Mystery Production Box. Wood & Metal Black/Red/Silver (No Instructions)
183 Proxy Chest w/Instructions originated by U. F. Grant. Painted Wood & Metal Black/Silver & White/Burgundy
184 Pandora’s Box w/Instructions originated by U. F. Grant.   Painted Wood Red/Yellow
185 Square Circle Small. Painted Wood & Metal Blue/Black/Yellow (No Instructions)
186 Double Door Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood (No Instructions)
187 Silk Caddy. Natural Wood (No Instructions)
188 Square Circle Production Brand New w/Instructions. Painted Wood Red/Black
189 Magic Wand Traveling A B C Blocks w/Instructions. Painted Wood Black/Yellow/Red.
190 Double Door Sliding Die Box. Painted Wood Red/Gold (No Instructions)
191 Clown Surprise. Painted metal Multicolor w/Instructions.
192 Jumbo Card Flap Box. Painted Wood Blue w/Jumbo Bicycle Deck (No Instructions)
193 Ultimate Production Box-Ickle Pickle. Painted Wood Blue/Black w/Instructions.
194 Production Nesting Boxes. Painted Wood Black w/Multicolor (No Instructions)
195 Silk Production Box-Ed Loreman. Painted Wood Red/Yellow (No Instructions.) * Ebay Documents
196 Run Rabbit Run. Laminated Red/White w/Instructions.
197 Crystal Cylinder Chest Vintage Unique Brand New. Painted Wood Red/Yellow w/Instructions.
198 Double Visible Block-Go Vintage New. Painted Wood Blue/Yellow/Red w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
199 Abbott’s Dagger Head Chest Illusion. Painted Wood Black/Red w/Daggers & Instructions. * Ebay Documents
200 Double Door Sliding Die Box. Burl Wood Base needs to be reglued. (No Instructions)
201 Jap Box that vanishes silks or playing cards. Painted Wood Red/Black (no Instructions)
202 Production Box. Painted Wood Yellow/Brown (No Instructions)
203 Disappearing Rabbit/Dove Stage Box-Clint Riedel. Painted Wood Red/Black/Yellow w/Instructions.
204 Triple Hinge Flip Rabbit Production Box. Painted Wood Yellow/Red (No Instructions)
205 Silk Cylinder 3Pc Metal & Wood (No Instructions)
206 Appealing Orange Box. Painted Wood Cream/Green/Orange w/Instructions.
207 Production Livestock Vanish Sword Box. Painted Wood Red/Yellow w/Sword (No Instructions)
208 Improved Bunny Box by Supreme. Painted Box Red/Black/Silver (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
209 Production Bird Box. Painted Wood Blue (No Instructions)
210 Production Box Beginners. Painted Wood Red (No Instructions)
211 Production Box Entry Level. Painted Wood Red (No Instructions)
212 Dove Tray. Painted Wood Black w/Gold (No Instructions)
213 Bird Tray Production Box. Painted Wood Red/Gold/Black (No Instructions)
214 Native American Break-Away Production Box. Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions)
215 Production Box Entry Level. Painted Wood Red (No Instructions)
216 Abbott’s Jumbo Snake in a Basket Gimmick for Card Trick. Collector’s Item in Excellent Condition. (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
217 Ultimate Ultimate Production Box-Ickle Pickle Vintage Collectable (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
218 Circus Wagon. Painted Wood Red w/Blue/Black Trim (No Instructions)
219 Magic Table w/Card Suit Symbols on Verticle Support
220 Vanish Dove Box. Natural Wood (No Instructions)
221 Edwin’s Magic Scarecrow (Similar to Forgetful Freddie) Kid’s Show Magic. Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions.
222 Rabbit Wringer Production Box. Painted Wood Blue (No Instructions)
223 Mirror Production Box. Painted Wood Blue/Silver (No Instructions)
224 Uility Vanish Chest-G & L. Painted Wood Red/Black w/Instructions. (1st) * Ebay Documents
225 Uility Vanish Chest-G & L. Painted Wood Red/Black w/Instructions. (2nd) * Ebay Documents
226 Uility Vanish Chest-G & L. Painted Wood Red/Black w/Instructions. (3rd) * Ebay Documents
227 Sucker Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Blue/Yellow (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
228 Tear Apart Vanish Box (New Way Dove Vanish) Painted Wood Black/Blue/Cream/Gold/Red (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
229 Glove to Dove Appearance Tray. Painted Wood Black/Silver (No Instructions)
230 Production Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim (No Instructions)
231 Magic Side Table. Easy Snap Open & Fold Up. Painted Wood Red/Gold. * Ebay Documents
232 Top Hat w/Secret Production Compartment-Roy Don. Wool Felt w/Instructions
233 Joann the Duck. Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions)
234 Card Rise Box. Painted Wood Green w/Instructions
235 Wrist Chopper that can mount on floor stand. As is $135.00. w/Stand additional $50.00 (No Instructions)
236 Mental Epic Board. Natural Wood w/Blackboard Slate (No Instructions)
237 Skeleton In The Closet Vintage. Painted Wood Black/White w/Instructions.
238 Vansihing Bird House Antique. Painted Wood Red/Yellow (No Instructions)
239 Disecto Arm Chopper. Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions
240 Lit Bulbs from Mouth w/Instructions.
241A Sucker Die Box. Painted Wood Black/Blue/Yellow (No Instructions)(Same as #227)
241B Clear Milk Pitcher-Mak Magic w/Instructions
241C Tip Over Vanishing/Appearing Box. Painted Wood Blue/Black & Red/Black (No Instructions)
242 ABC Traveling Block Vintage Magic Trick. Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
243 Nest of Boxes (AKA Bean Boxes) Natural Wood w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
244 Fire Box (Jap Box) Wood w/Fabric Covering Outside (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
245 State of Mind by Supreme. Natural Wood w/Instructions
246 Del Ben Domino. Metal Black/White w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
247 Cod-ology by Kovel w/Instructions. Kid Show Magic
248 Bar None Production Box by Peter Quinsee. Supreme Exclusive. Painted Wood Red/Black/Gold
249 Bunny In The Cupboard. Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions.
250 The Flyning Die-Mel Babcock (based on Okito Alphabet Block Trio) Natural Wood w/Instructions
251 Production Box Entry Level. Painted Wood Red/Yellow/White (No Instructions)
252 Wrist Chopper Milson/Worth Industries. Natural Wood/Metal w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
253 Rabbit Garage by Clint Riedel Vintage. Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions) * Ebay Documents
254 Psychic Arithmetic-Mel Babcock. Natural Wod w/Instructions
255 Mirror Production Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold (No Instructions)
256 Take Apart Dove Vanish. Painted Wood Red w/Black w/instructions.
257 Hold That Tiger! Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions (1st)
258 Hold That Tiger! Painted Wood Multicolor w/Instructions (2nd)
259 Tear Apart Vanish Box (New Way Dove Vanish) Painted Wood Black/Blue/Cream/Gold/Red (No Instructions)
260 Cubber (Cub Scout)(Similar to Forgetful Freddie) Painted Wood Multicolor (No Instructions)
261 Production Bird Box. Painted Wood Red w/Gold Trim & Geisha Decals (No Instructions)
262 The Prince & The Pumpkin-Theo Dore by Supreme. Cardboard/Plastic/Metal Multicolor w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents. * Ebay Documents
263 Dis-Armed by Mak Magic. Painted Wood Blue w/Silver Sparkle w/Instructions.
264 Penetration Mirror. Mirror w/Multiple Panel Frame
265 Wrist Chopper. Natural Wood w/Gold Trim w/Instructions. * Ebay Documents
266 Square Circle. Large Painted Wood & Metal Red/Gold, Green Tube has Chinese Mandarin Head.
267 Production Mirror Box. Black w/ Blue Diamonds
268 Newspaper Tear Away Dove Vanishing Box Blue/Red Orange
269 Newspaper Tear Away Dove Vanishing Box Black/Red
270 P&L Card Sword. Silver Metal
271 Kube-Off. Red/Black. * Ebay Documents
272 Flip Over Box. Red/Black
273 Goldfish Bowl Production. Clint Riedel. Black/Gold. * Ebay Documents
274 Milk Pitcher. Walter Blaney
275 Rabbit Family Clown. Ickel Pickle
276 Rabbit Production Box. Red/Black/Silver
277 Bird Vanishing Flip Over Box. Black/Red w/Clown Decal
278 Pagoda Production Box. Blue w/Pagoda Design. * Ebay Documents
279 Church Collection Bag (Change Bag) * Ebay Documents
280 Portable Folding Table. Red/Gold
281 Table Top. Red w/Black Fringe
282 Balloon to Dove Table Top. Black
283 Rainbow Rabbitt Production. Black/White
284 Penetration Block. Black/Red w/Devil Design
285 See-Thru Drawer Rabbit/Gift Production Box. Red/Black/Yellow
286 Wrist Chopper. Red/Black
288 Tear Apart Dove Vanish, Viking Haenchen
289 Crystal Silk Cylinder-U F Grant. Red/Black/Yellow
290 Fountain of Silks G & L
291 Buddha Tubes. Red/Black with Buddha Silhouette. * Ebay Documents
292 Break Away Rabbit/Dove Vanish. Green/Black/Cream
293 Side Table Doug Wayne Illusioneering Red/Black with 3 dimensional Oriental Trim. * Ebay Documents
294 Luna Trick Black/Cream
295 Multicolor Rainbow Die Box. Inlaid Wood
296 Sucker Die Box. Inlaid Wood
297 Two Open Top Die Boxes. Wood
298 Multicolor Rainbow Die Box. Inlaid Wood
299 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood
300 Nightclub Dove Cage Mirror Production Box. Black/White
301 Dove Production Bucket. Natural Wood. * Ebay Documents
302 Production Box. Silver w/Yellow/Blue/ Red
303 Break-Away Dove Vanish. Red/White/Black
304 Square Circle (Small). Red/Green/Black
305 Metal Table Base
306 Flip-Over Vanishing Box. Red/Black/Silver
307 Wrist Chopper. Red/Black
308 Mirror Production Box. Black/Blue/White/Gold
309 Pop-Up Portable Magic Table Delux. Yellow/Red
310 Jumbo Silk Caddy. * Ebay Documents
311 Clear Milk Pitcher
312 Flip-Over Vanishing Box. Yellow/Blue/Red
313 Signed Coin In Ball of Wool. Signed coin ends up inside two Natural Wood Boxes. * Ebay Documents
314 Production Box by Rip Vanwinkle. Natural Wood in Pagoda Shape. * Ebay Documents
315 190 Vampire
316 Balloon to Dove-Hand Held. Black
317 Take-Apart Dove Vanish II. Viking Haenchen
318 Flip-over Vanishing Box (Small). Black/Red
319 Vanishing Tea Chest-U F Grant. Yellow/Red. * Ebay Documents
320 Copper Chick Pan
321 Repeating Snake In Basket-Abbott’s.
322 Hen House
323 Hip Hop Rabbits
324 Oriental Sucker Die Box. Red
325 Sucker Die Box. Black/Yellow
326 Sucker Die Box. Black/Yellow/Red
327 Silk Caddy
328 Square Circle (Large)
329 Silk Caddy (Large)
330 Grant’s ABC Die Box
331 Wooden Arm Chopper. * Ebay Documents
332 Triangular Production Cabinet-Jack Hughes. * Ebay Documents
333 Stage Size Mirror Production Box. Red/Blue/Teal. * Ebay Documents
334 Silk Caddy. Yellow/Black. * Ebay Documents
335 Silk Caddy. Red/Black
336 Money Printer MKE
337 Arm Chopper. Metal & Wood
338 Flip-Over Production Box. Red/Yellow/Black Painted Wood
340 Turn It Round. Black/Yellow/Green. * Ebay Documents
341 Jail House for Small Animals. Dull Gold/Red/Black. * Ebay Documents
342 Dove Production Cage. * Ebay Documents
343 Can’t Miss Card Trick. Black/Multicolor. * Ebay Documents
344 Vanishing Box. Red/Blue/Black
345 The Card Spider
346 Paul Stadelman Production Box. Blue/Silver/White. * Ebay Documents
347 Rabbit Production Box. Red
349 Alarm Clock Die Box-Jim Sommers. * Ebay Documents
350 Empire Proffesional Die Box. Natural Wood
351 Sucker Die Box. Red. * Ebay Documents
352 ABC Die Box. Blue
353 Antigravity Box. Natual Wood
354 Close-Up Table Stamd. Charcoal Grey
356 Square Circle. Yellow/Red/Black
356A Production Box. Blue/White/Gold
357 Bunny Clown-Ian Adair
358 Magic Drawer Box. Orange/Gold. * Ebay Documents
359 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood
360 Mini-Blam Dove Magic. Burgundy Wood w/Silver Trim. * Ebay Documents
361 Visible Block Penetration-Mikame. Inlaid Wood
362 Old Chinese Style Livestock Vanish. Red/Black. * Ebay Documents
363 Balloon to Dove Table Top. Black
364 Square Circle. Blue/Yellow/Red
365 Old Production Box w/ Okito Style Decals (Square Circle Stage Style) * Ebay Documents
366 Oriental Square Circle Large-Warren Hamilton. * Ebay Documents
367 Dove Flip-Over Vanish Box. Red/Black
368 Silk Production Box
369 Rabbit Production Box. Blue/White
370 Break-Away Rabbit Box. Blue/Gold
371 Abbott’s Vampire Block Mint Condition. * Ebay Documents
372 Rabbit Production Box. Blue
373 Black Art Change Cage. * Ebay Documents
374 Run, Rabbit, Run! Small Hand Held. Collector’s Item. Red/Green/Yellow
375 Produtcion Mirroe Box. Grey/Purple. * Ebay Documents
376 Square Circle. Red/White
377 Square Circle Medium. Yellow/Black/Red. * Ebay Documents
378 Break-Away Dove Vanish Small. Yellow/Red
379 Square Circle. Blue/Black/Red. * Ebay Documents
380 Oriental Square Circle. Black/Red
381 Silk Caddy. Black/Red
382 Silk Caddy Parakeet. Red w/Bird Decals
383 Silk Caddy. Natural Wood
384 Tip-Over Trunk Small. Red
385 Square Circle Cobra. Blue/Gold
386 Tubby The Clown-Ira Cook. Black/Red/Yellow
387 Rabbit Trap. Brown/Black
388 Disecto Arm Chopper-Abbotts. Painted Wood Multicolor
389 Jumbo Double Production Box. Red/Yellow. * Ebay Documents
390 Arm Spiker. Blue/Black
391 Camera Rabbit Production. Yellow/Purple. * Ebay Documents
392 Vampire Penetration Box
393 Mental Epic Board. Natural Wood w/Blackboard Slate
394 Bird From No Where w/Net. Blue/Black
395 Flip-Over Silk Vanish Box. White/Black/Red
396 Oriental Production Box. Red/Blue/Black
397 Production Box. Blue/White/Gold
399 Break-Away Dove to Rabbit Production Box. Blue/Black/White
400 Abbott’s Square Circle. Silver w/Red/Blue/Yellow * Ebay Documents
401 Drawer Box. Natural Wood
402 Bunny Box. Natural Wood
403 Spider to Card. Natural Wood w/Black/Red
404 Rabbit Wringer Illusion. Red/Black/Gold
405 Vintage Dragon Design Magician’s Table w/Bunny Pedestal. Black/White * PayPal Documents
406 Flip Over Box. Red/Gold
407 Die Box. Green/Black
408 See #118 Duplicated Vintage Square in Round w/Mallet.
409 Super Epic Slate. Natural Wood
410 Aldini’s Slate-O-Rama. Collector’s Item
411 Fraidy Cat Rabbit-Bill Paul
412 China Coin Box (Die Box Cabinet w/Coins) Blue/Red *Ebay Documents
413 Milson Worth Flip Over Box & Blok Cord. Dk Blue/Lt Blue *Ebay Documents
414 Blok-Kord. Yellow *Ebay Documents
415 Silk Caddy. Red/Black
416 Silk Caddy. Black/Yellow/Green w/Fish Motif
417 Oriental Bird Vanish. Black w/Oriental Motif
418 Run Monster Run (New Twist on Run Rabbit Run) *PayPal Documents
419 Silk Caddy. Black/ Red w/Dragons
420 Silk Caddy. White w/Roses
421 Elusive Orb. Boxed Trick
422 Elusive Orb. Boxed Trick
423 Elusive Orb. Boxed Trick
424 Elusive Orb. Boxed Trick
425 Pagoda Production Box. Black/Red/Blue w/Pagoda Design.
426 NuWave Livestock Vanish. Black/Yellow/White *Canceled Check
427 Pagoda Production/ Vanish Box Large 13″ X 8″ Pristine Mint. Yellow *Ebay Documents
428 Pagoda Production/ Vanish Box Large 13″ X 8″. Green *Ebay Documents
429 Pagoda Production/ Vanish Box Large 13″ X 8″. Green *Ebay Documents
430 Pagoda Production/ Vanish Box Large 13″ X 8″. Green
431 Block Penetration. Black/Red/Gold
432 ABC Block. Black/Red
433 Color Block. Black/Red/Gold
434 Vintage ABC Block. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
435 Crystal Cabinet. Red/Black/Gold *Paypal Documents
436 Crystal Dove Cabinet-Bill Adams. Red/Black/Gold *Ebay Documents
437 Crystal Dove Production Cabinet. Red/Black/Gold *Ebay Documents
438 Crystal Cabinet. Red/Black/Gold *Ebay Documents
439 Hippity Hop Rabbit
440 Silk Caddy. Red/Yellow/Black
441 Abbot’s Budda Tube. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
442 Color Blocks
442A Abbott’s Budda Tube. Blue/Black
443 ABC Blocks. Red/Multicolor
444 Square Circle Stage Size. Yellow/Red/Green/Black
445 Vampire/Devil Rod Thru Block Penetration Box. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
446 Pigeon/Dove Vanish $1,000 Challenge. *Ebay Documents
447 Magician’s Dream
448 Flash Dove Appearance Box. Green Sparkle *Ebay Documents
449 Vintage Golden’s Magic Wand ABC Block. Blue/Green/Multicolor *email documents
450 Die Box Large. Gold/Black
451 Jumbo Dove Flip-Over Vanish Box Stage Size. Red/Black
452 Skeleton In The Closet Vintage. Painted Wood Black/White
453 Break-Away Dove Vanish. Yellow/Blue/Red * Ebay Documents
454 Break-Away Dove Vanish. Black/Multicolor *PayPal
455 Mirror Production Box. Grey/Blue/Red
456 Budda Tube. White/Red/Black *Email/PayPal Documents
457 Budda Tube. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
458 Budda Tube. Red/Black/Yellow
459 Red/Blue Block Vanish. Yellow/Red w/Oriental Motif * Invoice
460 TV Card Frame *Invoice
461 Antique Canary Cage. Black/Gold
462 Chest of Chu-Ron Allesi. Red/Black *Invoice
463 Drawer Box-Rabbit Stage Size. Red/Yellow *Invoice
464 Indian Dove Chest Stage-Jimmy King. Blue/Multicolor Indians
465 Bird Production Box. Red/Black/Green
466 Dove Appearing Cage-Milson Worth. *Email Documents
467 Wu-Ling Pagoda Caddy
468 Bird Production Box. w/Clown Motif
469 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood
470 Rabbit Wringer. Black/Gold
471 Production Box. Yellow
472 Silk Caddy Box
473 Bird Production Box w/Stand. Red/Black/Cream
474 Dove Break-Away Vanish Box *Ebay Documents
475 Break-Away Vanish Box Stage Size. Red/Black/Gold
476 Mirror Production Box. Blue/Silver
477 Aldini’s Bowl Production. Red/Gold/Black *Paypal
478 Parakeet Production Cage. Black/Silver
479 Edwin’s Little Clown. Yellow/Multicolor
480 Three Card Monarch-Harry Anderson. Stage size 18″ X 24″ w/Carrying Case & Instructions
481 Tiger Net Vanish/Production. Black w/Tiger Motif
482 Vanishing Cane to Flower
483 Production Box Clown Illusion. Red/Blue *Ebay Documents
484 Suckeroo Break-Away Box. White/Green/Yellow/Red *Invoice
485 Bunny Clown. Multicolor
486 Jumbo Sucker Slide Card Frame. Natural Wood *PayPal Documents
487 Bird Cage Production Stage Size. White/Black
488 Die Box Small. Black/Blue/Yellow
489 Sucker Die Box. Red/Yellow/Black
490 Break-Away Bird Vanishing Box. Yellow/Red/Black
491 Alien/Spaceship Twist on Run Rabbit Run. Black/Multicolor
492 Set of 8″ Linking Rings w/Bag.
493 Sucker Die Box. Blk/Ylw/Blue w/Dragons
494 Hippity Hop Clown. Black/Red/Blue
495 Top Hat Bunnies. Black/Multicolor *Ebay Documents
496 Crystal Dove Cabinet. Red/Black/Clear *PayPal Documents
497 Perfect Match.
498 Top Hat to Dove.
499 Die Box. Blue/Red
500 Dove Vanish Deluxe. White/Black *PayPal Documents
502 Top Hat Bunnies. Black/Multicolor *Invoice
503 Elusive Rabbit-Ron Allesi. *Invoice
504 Vanishing Rabbit Garage. Black/Yellow
505 Abbott’s Disecto Illusion. Multicolor *Invoice
506 Disecto. Blue/White
507 Disecto. Multicolor
508 Disecto. Multicolor (Used)
509 Gwendolyn the Duck. *Invoice
510 Joan The Duck
511 Rabbit Production Box Black/Red/White/Gold
512 Vintage Milson Worth Sensational Rabbit Vanish. Black/Red *Ebay Documents
513 Bird Vanishing Table Top Box in Red Palid Carrying Case
514 Break-Away/Take Apart Bird Vanish. Red/White/Black *Ebay Documents
515 Dove to Silk Cage-Robert Nelson. White/Green
516 Silk Caddy/Cabby. Red/Black w/Flowers *Invoice
517 Disecto Small 13″. Multicolor
518 Square Circle. Blue/Red/Black
519 Die Box. Natural Wood
520 Sucker Die Box Small. Natural Wood
521 Chameleon Chest-Larry Becker. Natural Wood w/Instructions
522 Vanish Flip-over Chest. Natural Wood
523 U F Grant Sucker ABC Box. Red/Green *Invoice
524 Oriental Silk Production Box in Red Plaid Carrying Case
525 U F Grant DLX Magic Tea Kettle in Multicolor Carrying Case
526 Owen’s Rabbit Wringer/Flip Over Vanish Box. Black/Red *Ebay Documents
527 Blooming Bouquet Stage Size w/Extra Feathers in Multicolor Carrying Case
528 Floating Rabbit Illusion in Multicolor Carrying Case. Black/Gold
529 Clint Riedel Window Flip Over Box. Red/Gold
530 Vance Dove Vanish by Chalet. Black/Yellow/Red *Ebay Documents
531 Sam Lord’s Castle-Bruce Posgate Stage Size. Multicolor
533 Miracle Dove Act Magic Illusion. Blue w/Peacock Motif *Ebay Documents
534 Supreme Magic Lollipops. Multicolor *Invoice
535 Elusive Bunny Box-Wally Reid
536 Dove Production Box. Red/White
537 Space Ship Hippity Hop Rabbit.
538 Sucker Die Box. Burgundy/White
539 Dragon Base w/Table
540 Flip Up Table w/Genii On Pedestal
541 Large Gullitine. Black Sparkle
542 Chalet Balloon to Rabbit Production. Red *Ebay Documents
543 Abbott’s Arrow Head Illusion w/Arrows. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
544 Ultimate Square Circle-Ickle Pickle.
545 Balloon to Rabbit
546 Balloon to Rabbit
547 Balloon to Rabbit
548 Balloon to Rabbit
549 Circus Wagon.
550 Large Gullitine. Black/Red
551 Silk Caddy. Red/Blk w/Dragon
552 Vintage Vanishing Ball Sucker Box. Green/Yellow * Ebay Documents
553 Vampire Block. *Ebay Documents
554 DLX Block Off Ropes. Blk/Red
555 Die Box. Natural Wood
556 Sucker Color Box. Red
557 Spider to Card. Natural Wood w/Black/Red
558 Rare Sucker Die Box-Richard Himbler *Ebay Documents
559 Sucker Die Box Stage Size. Natural Wood. * Ebay Documents
560 Driebeck Die (In-Out Box)
561 Sucker Color Box. Natural Wood. *Ebay Documents
561A Silk Caddy. Black
562 Vintage magic Riedles’s Aztec Mystery. Yellow/Red *Ebay Documents
562A World’s Tiniest Wood Die Box. Natural Wood. *Ebay Documents
563 Oriental Silk/Bouquet Production Box.
563A Color Change Ball w/Box. Natural Wood
564 Rabbit Wringer. Yellow/Red
564A Delben Sucker Die Box Large. Natural Wood. *Invoice
565 Newspaper/Tissue Dove Vanish. Blue/Orange
565A Vapor Block-BC Magic Manufacturing
566 Spring Flower Production Box. Natural Wood
566A Dove Vanish Break-Away. Red/White/Black
567 Die Box. Black/Yellow/Blue
567A Supreme Cube In a Tube. Red/Gold/Black
568 Die Box. Black/Yellow/Blue
568A Gemini Tube. Red/Blue
569 Nesting Boxes. Natural Wood
569A Supreme Motorized Card Rise. Metal. *Ebay Documents
570A Set of Linking Rings 10″ in Bag
571 Mirror Production Box. Red/White/Black. *Ebay Documents
571A Steve Ducheck’s Turbit. Turtle to Rabbit
572 Oriental Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood. *Ebay Documents
572A Wonder Box w/Stand. Black/Red
573 Silk Caddy. Black/Red
573A Nesting Boxes-Sammy Patrick Smith
574-a Break-Away Dove Vanish Box. Black/Red/White
575 Hole-Lucination
575A Drawer Box. Red
576 Candy Die Box. Natural Wood.
576A Square Circle Small.
577 Sucker Vanishing Box. *Ebay Documents
578 Sucker Die Box Mini. Natural Wood.
578A Vintage Production Box-MAK Magic
579 Candle Penetration.
579A Antique Pagoda Production. *Ebay Documents
580 Flip Over Box. Blue/Pink
580A Antique Pagoda Production.
581 Die Box w/Egyption Motif
581A Candle Penetration. Red/Black
582 Mysterious Dragon Sliding Die Box. Black/Green/Yellow. *PayPal
582A Magician’s Magic Mirror Box. Green w/Silver Marbleization. *Ebay Documents
583 Sucker Die Box. Burgundy/Gold.
583A Vintage 1970’s Production Box. *Ebay Documents
584 Die Box. Burl Wood
584A King w/Cards Folding Table. *Paypal
585 Sucker Die Box. Burgundy/Gold.
585A Owen’s Supreme Giant to Dwarf. *PayPal
586 Rare O’Dowd Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood. *Ebay Documents
587 Sucker A Box. Red
588 “Low Budget” Prediction Box. Natural Wood.
590 Production Box. Blue/White/Gold
591 Production Box. Blue/White/Gold
592 Sucker Die Box
593 Die Box. Black/Yellow/Blue
594 P&L Sucker Die Box (Petrie-Lewis) Natural Wood *Invoice
595 Abbott’s Shenanigan Die Box. Natural Wood w/Black Trim *Ebay Documents
596 Sucker Die Box. Red w/Black/Gold *PayPal
597 Silk Caddy w/Goldfish
598 Flip Over Box. Red/Yellow
599 Vintage Break Away Dove Vanish. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
600 Supreme Elevator Block. Blue/Red/Yellow/Black *Invoice
601 Square Genii Tube. Blue/Silver
602 TV Card Frame. Red/Silver/Black
603 Sucker Die Box. Red
604 Die Box. Black/Yellow/Blue
606 Bomb Block-Bill Adams. Blue/Red *Ebay Documents
608 Appealing Orange Box. Painted Wood Cream/Green/Orange
609 Sedghill Wrisst Chopper. Blue/Gold
610 Instant Drop Dove Vanish. Red/Black/Gold *Ebay Doucments
611 Bird Production Box. Blue/Gold
612 Gravity Box. Gold/Black *PayPal
613 Bunny Production Box. Red/Black/Yellow
614 Production Box. Silver/Red
615 Edwin’s Little Clown. Yellow/Multicolor *Ebay Documents
616 Bird Production Box. Red
617 Milson Worth Block-Go. Dk Blue/Lt Blue *Ebay Documents
618 Zero zone-Jerry Andrus
619 Balloon to Bunny. Yellow *Ebay Documents
620 Break-Away Production Box. Blue
621 Red Top Hat Table-Mak Magic (New)
622 Gravity Box-Doug Malloy. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
623 Gravity Box. Natural Wood
624 Mirror Production Box. Blue/Black
625 Sucker Die Box-La Galeria. Blue *PayPal
626 Mirror Production Box. Red/White
627 Mental Epic Board. Natural Wood w/Blackboard Slate
628 Dove Appearing Box. Blue w/Red/Black Stripe
629 Pagoda Box w/Mirror. Blue/Black/White
630 Fountain of Silks G & L
631 Die Box Egyptian. Black/Yellow *Ebay Documents
632 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood *Email
633 Squeezway Box-Edward M Massey
634 Flying Die Box 3″-Mel Babock. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
635 Tip Over/Fall Apart Production Box. * Ebay Documents
636 Jimmy King’s Block Box. Blue/Yellow/White
637 Square Circle. Red/Gold/Black *Ebay Documents
638 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood
639 Strat-O-Sphere.
641 Jap Box. Red/Blue
642 Sucker Die Box Small. Natural Wood
643 Mandarin Temple. Red/Blue/Gold/Black *Invoice
644 Budda Tube Vintage 1940. *Ebay Documents
645 Hinged Ghost Tube.
646 Color Block. Black/Red/Gold
647 Skeleton In The Closet Vintage. Painted Wood Black/White
648 Passe Passe Bottle
649 Perplex/Back Stage
650 Pizza Oven Surprise
651 Arrow Head Trick
652 Cane to Feather
653 Break Away Silk Box. Black/Blue/Red
654 Vintage Traveling Block. *Invoice
655 Harry Anderson Needle Thru Arm
656 Harry Anderson Needle Thru Arm
657 Newspaper Break-Away Dove Vanish. Chrome/Black
658 DLX Magic Tea Kettle-U F Grant. Black
659 DLX Magic Tea Kettle-U F Grant. Black
660 Aldini’s Westgate Bowl Production-Glass Bowl w/Red Square Cover & Red Circular Drop Base
661 Potatoe Box (Orange Box)
662 Grant’s Potatoe Box (Orange Box)
663 Flying Die Box. Green/Yellow/Red
664 Bunny Box-Gene Jeffries. Red/Yellow
665A Silk Caddy. Red/Gold/Black
666 Flip Over box. Red/Gold/Black
667 Vintage Mikame Dove Illusion. Black/Red *Ebay Documents
668 Square Circle Small. Red/Black/Green
669 Die Surprise. Fuchsia/Black/White/Clear
670 Mirror Box. Red/Gold/Black/Blue
671 Supreme Sliding Clock Box. Red/Gold/Yellow *Invoice
672 Abbott’s Ali Baba Junior. *Invoice
673 Rare Reidel Window Flip Over Box. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
674 Window Flip Over Box. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
675 See Thru Dove Bucket. *Ebay Documents
676 Dagger Livestock Vanish-Clint Reidel. Green/Yellow *Invoice
677 Jimmy King’s Turkish Turmoil.
678 Break-Away Dove Box. Red/Black
679 Take Apart Dove Vanish. Black/Gold/Red
680 Break-Away Dove Vanish. Black/Gold/Red
681 Dove Vanish. Blue/Black w/Flowers
682 Vintage Tear-Apart Newspaper Dove Vanish. Red/Black/Gold *Ebay Documents
683 Vintage Dove Vanish Box. Blue/Yellow/Black *Ebay Documents
684 Incredible Floating Magical Mistico-James Austin Banner
685 Selected Card in Balloon
686 Trevor Lewis’ Flashlight Fun
687 Mike Bent’s Light-Lund
688 Abbott’s Repeat Sanke in a Basket
689 ABC Stung
690 Die Box. Black/Yellow/Blue
691 Ring Cruncher-Collector’s Workshop-Roy Routh
692 Cups & Balls. Metal
693 Cups & Balls. Metal
694 Block-Go. Red/Yellow/Black
695 Foolproof Rabbit Production-MAK Magic
696 Circus Wagon-Ickel Pickle
697 Mirror Production Box. Blue/Silver
698 Vintage Dove to Silk Cage. White/Green/Black
699 Dove to Silk Cage. Blue/Gold
700 See Thru Mirror Box. Blue/White
701 Production Box. Blue/Black/White
702 Dove Production Box. Blue/Black
703 Dovan. Black/Gold/White
704 Bunny Box-Gene Jeffries. Red/Black *Email
705 Square Circle-Bob Hutchings. *Email
706 Unbelievable Duck. Yellow *Ebay Documents
707 Sucker Sliding Card-Zanadu. *Ebay Documents
708 Break-Away Drop Box. *Ebay Documents
709 Bunny Flip-Over Box. Red w/Gold Bunnies
710 Fairy Tale Rabbit House (Run Rabbit Run) *Invoice
711 Abbott’s Casadega Cabinet. Black/Gold
712 Dagger Production Box. Blue/Black
713 Card Appearance Frame. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
714 Sucker Die Box-Babcock. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
715 Triple coin Boxes-Babcock. Natural Wood *Ebay Doucments
716 Dove Production Box. Red/Black/Yellow
717 Utility Drawer Box. Natural Wood/Black/Green
718 Multi Production Box. Natural Wood/Black
719 Utility Drawer Box. Red/Yellow/Black
720 Spirit Slate
721 Dexter’s Increased Awarness
722 Educated Duck
723 Mirror Production Cabinet. Red/Black/Yellow
724 Drawer Box. Green/Grey
725 Collector’s Workshop Money Maker. Burgundy Wood Boxed
727 Magic Chinese Tea Chest. *PayPal
728 Rabbit Production Box. Blue/White
729 Collector’s Workshop Card Box. Metal
730 Collector’s Workshop Card Box. Metal
731 Collector’s Workshop Card Box. Metal
732 Vintage Traveling Block Mystery. Green/Red/Yellow *Ebay Documents
733 Sucker Die Box. Natural Wood/Red
734 Fire House Frenzy (Run Rabbit Run)
735 Copper Cups & Balls Combo Set
737 Supreme Knotty Rope Box. Black/Silver *Ebay Documents
739 Mirror Production Box. Blue/Black
740 Supreme Break Apart Dove/Livestock Box. Red/Silver/Black *Ebay Documents
741 Blythe Spirit. *Invoice
742 Arm Chopper.
743 Howzzat The Clown
744 Howzzat The Clown
745 Mail Box Escape
746 Blythe Spirit. *Invoice
746A Utility Vanishing Couch.
747 Double Dutch. *Ebay Documents
748 Spring Cube 6″.
749 Spring Cube 6″.
750 Oriental Drawer Box. Burgundy/Gold
751 Drawer Box. Brown
752 Vanishing Coke Bottle.
753 Vanishing Coke Bottle.
754 Hippity Hop Rabbit.
755 Nest of Boxes-Watch the Box-Erez Moshe. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
756 Supreme Tommy’s Tie.
756A Supreme Three Little Pigs
757 Flash Production Box. *Email/Invoice
757A Square Circle Jumbo Stage.
758 Dunn’s Mirror Box DLX-Ickle Pickle.
759 Their Gone! Blue/Silver
760 Color Changing Clown.
760A Disecto. *Ebay Documents
761 Mirror Rabbit Production Box Stage. Blue/Black/Silver
761A Rabbit Base Table. *PayPal
762 See Thru Flip Over Dove Vanish Box. Black/Green/Red
762A Rabbit Base Table. *PayPal
763 MC Photo Frame. Natural Wood
763A P&L Table Base. Metal
764 Card Rise Box in Carrying Box. Blue/Green
764A Die Box
765 Card Rise Box in Carrying Box. Blue/Green
766 Card Rise Box in Carrying Box. Blue/Green
767 Drop Production Table. Black Top w/Red Base
768 Oriental Square Circle. Yellow/Green/Black
769 Circus Wagon Production Box. Red/Silver/Green
770 Forgetful Fredia.
771 Head Dagger Penatration. Red/Yellow/Silver w/ 15 Daggers
772 Giant 22: Crystal Silk Cylinder. Blue/Gold/Blk *PayPal
774 Atta Rabbit (Atta Boy). White/Red/Blue
775 Forgetful Freddy. Vintage Collectable.
776 Dove Tray. Blue/Black
777 Hip Hop Rabbits. Black/Red/Yellow
778 Bird Production Box. Apple Green/Red
779 REMOVED Delben Two Hole Wrist Chopper. Natural Wood in Carrying Case.
780 Ball Vase Large. Wooden
781 Roamin’ Rabbit. *Invoice
782 Delben Domino
783 Run Monster Run (New Twist on Run Rabbit Run).
784 Hip Hop Rabbits. Black/Woodtone/White
786 Pizza Oven Surprise. *Ebay Documents
787 Pizza Oven Surprise.
788 Humpty Dumpty
789 Dove Production. White/Green
790 Dove Production. Red/Yellow
791 Bird/Rabbit Production Basket.
792 Fold Table w/Dragon Pedestal
793 Fall Apart Dove Vanish Large Stage Size. Red/Black
794 Demonstration Table. Black/Silver Trifold Base w/ Green Top.
795 Head GuillotineLarge Size. Green/Gold/Black
796 Pull Apart Production Box. Red/Gold/Black *Ebay Documents
797 French Arm Chopper. Red/Black
798 French Arm Chopper. Red/Natural/Black
799 Dragon Table. Red Dragon Base w/ Round Black Top w/Gold Fringe *Invoice
801 Ring Pagoda-U F Grant. Red/Black *Ebay Documents
802 Forgetful Clown (Forgetful Freddy)
803 Space Trek (Run Rabbit Run)
804 Break Away Box. Black w/Geometric Pattern
805 Cyclops Box by martin Breese. Natural Wood *Ebay Documents
806 Clown Around-Hank Lee. *Ebay Documents
807 Mirror Box-Jim King MAK Magic.Red/Black/Gold
808 Break Away Production Box w/Base/ Red/Black
809 Time Ahead.
810 DLX Dagger Chest Illusion w/Fifteen (15) Daggers. Red/Yellow/Black *Ebay Documents
812 Double Box Release-House of Babcock. Natural Wood.
813 Dickory Clock-Mouse Hunt Jack Hughes. Black/White
814 Figures of Foo-Jack Hughes. Natural Wood/Black/Yellow
815 Comedy Card in Balloon-Warren Stephens
816 Break Away Dove Vanishing Box. Black/Yellow
817 Block & Cord Large. Yellow/Green
818 Block & Cord Large. Red/Black
819 Wood Block Vanish & Appearance. Black/Red/Blue/Yellow *Ebay Documents
820 Wonder Box. Black/Yellow *Ebay Documents
821 Electric Magic Company Rising Card
822 Supreme Snake in Basket. *PayPal
823 Silk Cabby. *Invoice
824 Silk/Card Vanishing Jap Box.
825 Balloon Penetration Tube. Red/Yellow *Ebay Documents
826 Monkey Bar w/Monkey-Ken Allen. *PayPal
827 Magic Coin Stand & Tray. *Ebay Documents
828 Hold That Tiger! *Ebay Documents
829 Fifi the Frolicsome Poodle-Edwin’s Magic Arts. *Invoice
830 Supreme Mysto the Mighty.
831 Supreme Spikes. Black/Red/White
832 Checker Production Tube. Blue/Yellow/Red *PayPal
833 Goofus Plant.
834 English Three Balls-Mephisto.
835 Edwin’s Little Clown-Edwin’s Magic Arts.
836 Fu-Di-Di The Red Chinese Rabbit.
837 Supreme Improved Cabinet of Canton. Red/Black
838 Vintage TV Vanishing Bunny Box.
839 Flip Over Vanishing Box. Black/Yellow
840 Break Away Bird Vanish Large Stage Size. Red/Black
841 Pentra-Spheres. Natural Wood w/Multicolor Balls.
844 Fish Bowl Production. Red/Silver/Yellow
845 Flash Appearance Mirror Box. Blue/Black *Ebay Documents
846 Supreme Hot Air Balloon.
847 Dove Thru Glass Penetration Frame.
848 Bengal Net Livestock Vanish (Used). *PayPal
849 Bengal Net Livestock Vanish (New).
850 Bengal Net Livestock Vanish (New).
851 Magic Disappearing Pagoda Box (New). *Ebay Documents
852 Magic Disappearing Pagoda Box (Used).
853 Magic Disappearing Pagoda Box (Used).
854 Separating Die Box. Black
855 Todd Dove Vanish. Red/Black/Yellow
857 Glass Production Box.
858 Clock Off,
859 Where Do the Doves Go? *PayPal
860 Circus Wagon Large, Red/Yellow
861 Penetrating Mirror-Howard Schwarzman. Gold/Black
862 Chalet Magic Dove Vanish. Black/Red *Ebay Documents
863 Dove Casket & Take Apart Vanish-Rich Hill. *Ebay Documents
864 Production Cage Large. Black/Silver
866 Supreme DLX Wrist Chopper. Blue/Black
867 Run Dog Run (Run Rabbit Run)
868 Pizza Oven Trick. Natural Wood/Red
869 Ghost Hunt (Run Rabbit Run).
870 Magician’s Close Up Mirrors.
871 Merlin’s Mirror. Natural Wood
872 Break Away Vanish. Purple/Yellow/Red
873 Phantom Ribbon-Clint ReidelJay Lester. Red/Yellow/Black.
874 Wrist Wacker.
875 Sucker Break Away Dove Vanish w/Base. Black/Gold
877 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
878 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
879 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
880 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
881 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
882 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
883 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
884 Flip Over Vanish Box for Water Glass.
885 Mirror Box-Daytona Magic (New)
886 Psychic Services Lock w/Keys
887 Sucker Die Box. Red/White
888 Cube-A-Libre. Black/Red/Yellow
889 Aloysius The Rabbit. *PayPal
890 Psign. Black/White/Yellow
891 Production Box. Orange/Black
892 Production Box. Burgundy/Yellow/Blue
893 Haunted House/Skeleton Blocks.
895 Glass Bird Production Box. Red/Gold/Black
896 The Alive Box. Red/Yellow
897 Candy Store.
898 Break Away Dove Box. Blue/Silver/Black
899 Silk Vanishing Box. Natural Wood
901 Coin Pentration Box. Natural Wood
902 Rising Card Box Battery Operated. Natural Wood
903 Single Mental Epic Board.
904 Single Mental Epic Board.
905 Squeeze Blocks. Red/Yellow/Natural Wood
906 Round Circle. Yellow/Blue
907 Card Flat Box. Natural Wood
908 Jap Box. Red/Black
909 Fun House. Red/Yellow/Green
910 Antigravity China Water Box. Metal
911 Cups & Balls. Chrome
912 Cups & Balls. Aluminum
913 Round Table w/Red Top & Blue Base.
914 Rectangle Table w/Clown on Front. *PayPal
915 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Bunny on Pedestal.
916 Bugs Bunny Table.
917 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Dragon on Pedestal
918 Round Table w/Blue Top w/Gold Fringe & Metal Base.
919 Rectangle Table w/Black Top w/White Fringe & Metal Base
920 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Skeleton on Pedestal. * Advertisement
922 Blue Roll On Table
923 Clown Roll On Table
924 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Bunny on Pedestal.
925 Wrist Chopper. Natural Wood
926 Arm Chopper. Natural Wood
927 See Thru Production Screen.
928 See Thru Production Screen.
929 Fold Flat Production Box.
930 Fold Flat Production Box.
931 Fold Flat Production Box.
932 Fold Flat Production Box.
933 Roll On Table Adjustable w/Wheels
934 Roll On Table Adjustable w/Wheels
935 Prediction Chest Wooden with Black Table Base
936 Double Well Table Black/Gold
937 Chavet Table w/Green Brocade Skirt & Metal Base
938 Breakaway Table
939 Round Black/Silver Table w/Wheels
940 Lester Lake Head Chopper
941 French Guillotine Brown Speckled
942 French Guilotine Black
943 Mutilated Umbrella
944 Vintage Riedel Chinese Gong Prediction *Ebay Docuuments
945 Oriental Head Chopped Blue/Red
946 Animal Illusion Pyrotechnque Box *Ebay Documents
947 Chair Suspension
948 Rabbit Vanish in Two (2) Traveling Boxes
949 Instant Fold Table Blue
950 Instant Fold Table Red
951 Instant Fold Table Red
952 Hand Held Dove Production
953 Blue Collapsible Roll On Table w/Shelves & Pink Traveling Cover *Ebay Documents\
954 Double Well Table Red/Gold/Black
955 Black Table w/Red Trim Wood G&L
956 P&L Table Base
957 Table Tripod
958 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Dragon on Pedestal *Ebay Documents
959 Double Well Table Black/Gold/Burgundy
960 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Snake Charmer on Pedestal
961 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Bunny in Top Hat on Pedestal
962 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Cobra on Pedestal
963 Flip Up Rectangle Red Table w/Blk/Wht Bunny on Pedestal *Ebay Documents
964 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Bunny on Pedestal
965 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Bunny on Pedestal
967 Gold Metal Table Base 26″
968 Gold Metal Table Base 26″
969 Small Top Table
970 Small Top Table
971 Small Top Table
972 Small Round Table
973 Metal Table Base 24″ Extendable
974 Medium Square Table
975 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Snake Charmer on Pedestal Homer Hudson
977 Metal Table Base 24″ Extendable
978 Aluminum Table Base Extendable
979 Flip Up Rectangle Table w/Cobra on Pedestal
980 Table Base
981 Double Well Black/Gold Table w/ Adjustable Metal Base
982 Table Base
983 Table Base Aluminum
984 Table Base
985 Wiz Kote Purple/White Chalet Magic w/ Matching Base w/Wheels *Ebay Documents
986 Table Base w/Wheels
987 Table w/Base & Blue Cover w/Appliqued Balloons
988 Hand Held Fraidy Cat Small
989 Hand Held Fraidy Cat Small
990 Hand Held Fraidy Cat Small
991 Multiplying Alarm Clocks
992 Joker Tube Pro
993 See Thru Mirror Box
994 Tip Over Chest Small
995 Roll On Table Black/Silver
996 Dracula’s Castle Stage Size
997 Tricky Bowling Pins
998 Tricky Bowling Pins
999 Miser’s Delight
1001 Double ocking Slate Milson-Worth
1002 Teach A Card Trick Wayne Dobson *Paypal
1005 Maggies’s Night Out Heanchen
1007 Kirwan’s Prediction Box Ickle Pickle *Ebay Documents
1008 Narai Card Box Magic Wagon *Ebay Documents
1009 Lock-Nest Boxes Tom Yurasits
1010 Roberts Locked Chest
1012 Rice’s Deluxe Mismade Rainbow Silk Diagonal * Paypal
1013 Dave Powell Nesting Lippencott Boxes *Ebay Documents
1014 Ring and Coin Tower Lippencott German *Ebay Doucments
1015 Locking Card Box Milson-Worth
1016 Nested Boxes
1017 Sucker Die Box w/Handle
1018 Single Well Black/Gold Table w/ Red Wooden Base *Ebay Documents
1019 Round Red Table w/Hinged Black/Silve Star Pedestal & Red Wheeled Base
1020 Pagoda Small
1021 Itty Bitty Cylinder of Much Ickle Pickle
1022 Round Red Table Top 13″ Dia.
1023 Round Black Table Top 15″ Dia.
1024 Rectangular Gimmicked Black Table Top w/Gold Fringe 18″ X 12″
1025 Rectangular Black Table Top w/Gold Fringe 14″ X 18″
1026 Rectangular Green Table Top w/Gold Fringe 14″ X 18″
1027 Rectangular Pink Top w/Gold Fringe 14″ X 18″
1028 Rectangular Green Table Top w/Gold Fringe 14″ X 18″
1029 Rectangular Black Table Top w/Gold Fringe 14″ X 18″
1030 Round Cloth & Chrome 21-1/2″ Dia. Table Top w/1″ Pipe Flange
1031 Round Blue Felt w/Gold Fringe 12″ Dia. Table Top w/2″ Pipe Flange
1032 P&L Table Base
1033 Vintage Blooming Rose Bush
1034 Table Flange for 1″ Pipe
1035 Bou-Cane: Copper Cane to Bouguet
1036 Die Box Blue/Red Marbled
1037 Sucker Die Box Wood
1038 Sucker Die Box Burl Wood
1039 Basic Milk Pitcher Glass
1040 Number Prediction Box Inlaid Wood
1042 Fold Down Magic Table Black/Red/White * Ebay Documents
1043 Broken Penetrating Mirror Black/White w/Plaid Bag
1044 BreakAway Dove Box Black/Multicolor
1045 Mirror Production Box Plexiglass w/Cloth Bow Wrap
1046 BreakAway Dove Box Gold/Wht/Natural Wood
1047 Advanced Magician’s Box w/Prop Bags
1048 Vintage Supreme Curse of Dracula Ken de Courcey
1049 Vintage Forgetful Freddie w/Halloween & Winter Accessories
1050 Vintage Illusion Makers Clutterbuck
1051 Rabbit Production Bag
1052 Sixteen Flower Darts (for Secret Garden Trick)
1053 Foam Hamburger Large
1054 Patrick Snowden Snap Dove Production *Paypal
1055 Vintage The Chopper Cicus Magic Louis Tannen
1056 Vintage Supreme Rabbit Loader
1057 Phillip’s Magic Fire Bag *Ebay Documents
1058 Vintage Supreme The Vanishing Elephant
1059 Combo Chop Cups & Balls
1060 Lippencott Box Large Wood w/Lock
1062 Flap Card Box Wood
1063 Lippencott Box Large Wood w/Lock
1064 Flap Card Box Wood
1065 Lippencott Box Medium Wood w/Lock
1066 Elusive Half Dollar Wood
1068 Half Dollar to English Penny Wood Box w/Lock
1069 Penetrating Card
1070 Penetrating Card
1071 Champange Production Bottle
1072 Gag Bag
1073 Kardyro’s Fantastic Zippered Dove Bag Abbotts *Ebay Documents
1074 Floral Vanish
1075 Fantasy Pitcher Liquid Effect * Invoice