Are you ready to jump in and bid?

Before you do, keep these points in mind:

You are going to have an incredible experience!

Our customers LOVE to attend our auctions.

You pay the day of the auction!

At an auction, there is a no-return policy. You pay before you leave on the day of the auction.

Preview the merchandise!

Gallery Auctions has an open-door policy. Visit Wednesday through Friday, look around, and see what’s incoming. The best days to preview are Thursday and Friday from 9am to 4pm as most of the items are set up for sale at this time. The later in the week you visit, the more you see. We open for preview at 8am on auction days and we also encourage bidders to walk freely throughout the merchandise for the duration of the auction. Occasionally we have a weekend preview for a few hours. It’s best to check our website or watch our facebook page at for announcements.

Look over the items carefully!

There is about a minute of quick bidding from the time that auctioning an item begins to the time that it’s sold. Keep in mind the value of the item and your limit, but don’t lose it for the price of a couple of pizzas!

And when you are the high-bidder?

Gallery Auctions is just like any store. You pay the day of the auction with cash, check or credit card.